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Lycian Way Photos

Map of Lycia

Lycian rock tombs at Fethiye

Lycian tomb in the middle of the road - Fethiye

Pam has only got 509 km's to go!

Catching a few Z's in the tree house at Faralya

Ruins at Sidyama

Sidyama - vandalised tombs

Sleeping arrangements most nights - two person hoochie and Tyvek ground sheet

This is the place of Leto, lover of Zeus, and mother of Apollo

Xanthos - unusual pillar tomb, amphitheatre


Lycian Way out of Xanthos

Walking in a Roman aqueduct - still in use after 2000 years without maintenance

The symphonic system at Delikkemer.
Yep, the Romans could make water run uphill!

Each block is about a meter cube with a 30 cm hole weighing a tonne.
They fit together perfectly.

Sometimes we just sit.  On a well, with goats looking on.
Used a billy, rope attached, to get water from the wells.

Sura - giant, three story tomb - biggest in Lycia

Myra - restored Roman theatre - rock tombs behind

Rock tombs at Myra

Typical coastal scenery.  Bluest skies since Marrakech!

Our best night, camping at the light house.
The light house keeper travels from his village each evening to light,
and each morning to extinguish, the gas fired light.

Typical country cottage

Olympus.  Roman tombs.  Note the sliding doors

Olympus.  Cold night here in a tree house

Olympus.  Temple

Another tomb.  Fancy one!

Pam cooking at the Chimaera.  Permanent flames from cracks in the rocks.
Slept in the ruins of a Roman church.
Full moon.  Crazy people all night.  Not much sleep.

Bee boxes on the Way to Tahtali

Tahtali - the big one (2366 meters) aka Mt Olympus.
Hard uphill slog for a two days.  Slept about 2000 meters.  Froze.
Set off at dawn for the summit.  Followed wrong path = wrong summit!

Cyclamens.  By the million.  Shocking pink

Jeff takes a wash in a goat trough

Last night.  Slept on a viewing platform  overlooking Antalya.
Very hard days walk.  1500 meters up in 10 kilometers.
Goat herder bought us tomatoes from his garden.
Cooked them on a open fire with our potatoes. Best meal!

Finished after 25 days.  BUT this is nowhere - 30 kilometers from Antalya.
Walked 10, hitched 10, bussed 10

Finally.  Antalya old city